10 Healthcare Workforce Development Trends to Watch in 2016

It’s the start of a new year, and industry disruption is happening in just about every corner of healthcare, including finance, technology, government, and the workforce. Millennials entering the workforce in vast numbers are causing healthcare organizations to re-examine their approach to everything from technology, social media, and cultural standards to how they recruit, train, retain, and motivate employees. Not to mention: Healthcare is now the fastest growing U.S. industry; job roles are transforming at a rapid pace; ICD-10 and its 68,000 codes have finally arrived; mergers and acquisitions are booming; more people are gaining healthcare insurance; and consumerism is changing how healthcare does business. Whew!

The healthcare sector is hot, which means HR leaders, who are already moving at full speed, will have to be smarter and more strategic when it comes to managing talent. According to a recent HealthStream HR Executive Survey, 75% of healthcare organizations say having a talent acquisition strategy is more important today than even a year ago. Yet, 78% say attracting quality candidates is more difficult this year than last. As you look to build a high performing workforce in 2016, here are 10 trends that will shape the coming years:

  1. Healthcare is Projected to Be the Fastest Growing Industry
  2. Millennials Will Transform Recruiting and Retention Strategies
  3. New Skill Sets Are in High Demand
  4. Hospitals Take Advantage of New Recruiting Technologies
  5. HR Leaders Hone Old-School Recruiting Tactics
  6. Employee Benefits Receive a Makeover
  7. Focus on the ED Intensifies Around Staffing and the Patient Experience
  8. Hospital Merger and Acquisition Boom Leads to More Focus on Culture and Training
  9. Big Data Makes Big Demands on the Workforce
  10. The Rise of the Healthcare Consumer

April 1, 2021