On-Demand Webinar60 min

Content You Can Trust: Promoting Education, Supporting Leaders

Across the continuum of care, the goal is to provide quality patient care and promote knowledgeable caregivers. The staffing crisis is challenging healthcare organizations and clinical leaders to adjust educational approaches to quickly fill roles. Now more than ever, we must look to education programs and point of care tools for support. If we don't, care quality often suffers. Now is the time to act. Be the leader who promotes team success through learning and development. 

Join HealthStream and EBSCO for a free 60-minute webinar as we host a thoughtful conversation about the current importance of trusted education and point-of-care resources. Get your staff off Google, YouTube, and TikTok. Instead, provide your care team with the resources and development they need through Dynamic Health’s trusted, evidence-based content. Trusted resources create trusted leaders.