Coronavirus Resources & Free Training

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, caregivers have completed nearly 2.5 million COVID-19 courses with HealthStream. As the pandemic continues to impact communities across the country, HealthStream will continue to provide seven essential, curated courses to caregivers at no charge. These courses are designed to develop competence and confidence related to PPE, hand hygiene, infection control, physical assessment, respiratory failure and ARDS, fluid balance, and ventilation management.

In addition, HealthStream continues to work side-by-side with healthcare organizations to curate solutions for cross-training, skills development, and readiness in response to COVID-19. For more information on HealthStream’s COVID resources for healthcare organizations, please contact your account representative.

Nine free courses for everyone

  • COVID-19: Vaccine Training for California Healthcare Professionals
  • COVID-19: Vaccine Training for Healthcare Professionals
  • COVID-19 FREE: Pulmonary: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - HealthStream 
  • COVID-19 FREE: Pulmonary: Ventilation Complications and Nursing Care - HealthStream 
  • COVID-19 FREE: Cardiovascular Assessment - HealthStream
  • COVID-19 FREE: Fluids and Electrolytes - HealthStream
  • COVID-19 FREE: Geriatric Assessment - HealthStream
  • COVID-19 FREE: Heart Failure - HealthStream
  • COVID-19 FREE: General Information on Infection Control - includes information on Hand Hygiene, Environmental Infection Control, Donning and Doffing PPE, and Standard Precautions
The courses can be found by searching for the keyword “COVID-19” or “coronavirusbundle”. Be sure to type it as one word with all lowercase letters.
HealthStream recognizes that these course titles are included in some of our most popular course libraries and products, and that you may have open assignments with these course titles included. For this reason, the courses that are included in the coronavirus courseware bundle are separate courses. They do not offer a pre-assessment and cannot be annotated.

Assigning them, or self-enrollment by learners, will not impact your existing assignments or reporting.
The courses included in the Coronavirus courseware bundle cannot be annotated or customized.
Yes, you can add the keyword “COVID-19” or “coronavirusbundle” to your course properties so that when learners use that keyword to search for the content and self-enroll, your organization-specific course will appear as well.
You may contact Customer Service at 800-521-0574 Monday through Friday from 7am CST to 7pm CST. You may also reach Customer Service at


Free Webinar: COVID-19 Implications on Credentialing and Privileging

As healthcare organizations respond to the Coronavirus national emergency, the job of the medical staff office is changing daily as are the requirements from the federal government. VerityStream has created a series of webinars to help navigate the implications of COVID-19 on credentialing and privileging.

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