10 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2019

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This post is taken from an article by Robin L. Rose, MBA VP, Healthcare Resource Group, HealthStream, where she looks ahead at the coming year, with an eye to big picture trends that could have a significant impact on how we provide and experience care.

Nothing in Healthcare Should Be Taken for Granted

The healthcare industry as we have known it is disappearing. A multitude of factors such as ever increasing prices, growing numbers of seniors, serious provider shortages, and a lack of affordability, even for many with good insurance, are driving change. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, are slowly infiltrating the industry. Disrupters like Amazon are seeing opportunity amidst the turbulence, and usage and practice patterns are changing dramatically as the industry attempts to move from fee-for-service to value-based care. Although change always takes a bit longer than we think or expect, it is inevitable in this case. When we look back in 10 years, healthcare practice and delivery may be unrecognizable from what we experience today. The following are ten of the trends driving this transformation.

1.       Amazon is becoming a major disrupter in many areas of healthcare.

2.       Healthcare costs are becoming scarier than the illness itself.

3.       We need to prepare for new health risks.

4.       Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically changing healthcare.

5.       We are finally addressing population health.

6.       CMS is changing course.

7.       We need more joy in the work of healthcare.

8.       The nursing shortage is getting worse.

9.       Physicians are in short supply too.

10.   Digital healthcare organizations are emerging.

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