3 Ways HealthStream’s ePortfolio Supports Nurses

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Just as every patient is different, so too is every day of a nurse’s career. Now more than ever, different career paths exist for new and experienced nurses alike. Thinking about moving from a generalized, Med-Surg position to one with more specialized needs? Or perhaps leaving the hospital setting for a freestanding ED or physician’s office? All that and more is possible—and easily achievable, thanks to resources like HealthStream’s ePortfolio, a comprehensive digital forum for nurses to archive their professional accomplishments, activities, and credentials they earn throughout their career.

And ePortfolio is much more than a warehouse for accomplishments. HealthStream’s ePortfolio provides an intuitive solution for professional portfolio management. It will allow you to maintain a lifelong learning record, giving you the ability to document and share key professional development activities including, but not limited to work history, licenses, education, certifications, memberships and associations, committee work, volunteer services, teaching and preceptorship, research and publications, awards and recognition, and other information as needed.

Here are some other ways this free portal supports nurses at every point in their professional journey:

Customizable Resume: Need an updated resume for use during annual evaluations, promotions, and other reviews? ePortfolio allows nurses to quickly and easily collate a customized, up-to-date version of their CV. That resume is then stored digitally within their ePortfolio and (if enabled) can be accessed by their leaders to identify moments of recognition, advancement, continuing education opportunities, and more.

Lifelong Learning: Another major goal of ePortfolio is to promote lifelong learning. Nurses expect to be challenged throughout their careers, and not just on the unit. They demand quality education that allows them to improve core competencies as well as learn new skills that will help them advance. By allowing nurses to explore options, and then create their own advancement agenda, ePortfolio becomes a partner in each nurse’s career, while also helping their leaders engage and offer support as well. It also shows them pathways to engage with committees and volunteer opportunities that also advance their skill sets and boost their visibility within the organization (also an advantage to management looking to help nurses diversify their knowledge base and explore new opportunities).

Blogs & Support Content: The HealthStream ePortfolio offers up continuously refreshed content for nursing professionals, by nursing professionals. Through blogs and other peer sharing, ePortfolio participants can link to career and workplace insights from their counterparts all across the United States. And in so doing, they join a larger community of nurses and healthcare professionals, creating valuable networking and career-advancement opportunities.