Ten Top Trends: Pandemic of Pandemics

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This blog post is part of our Ten Healthcare Trends Series, presented annually since 2012 by Robin Rose, VP, Healthcare Resources Group. 

Trend One: Our sense of uncertainty will continue.

“Our sense of uncertainty will continue.”

During our industry research for our annual Ten Top Trends webinar, we heard this thought at every turn. And arguably, no trend we’ve tracked for the last decade has more completely earned its #1 spot.

“Every decision we make is subject to change.”

—Lawrence S. Bacow, President, Harvard University

From the global economy and human rights to healthcare at home and abroad, uncertainty is the watchword.

Around the world, the once-in-a-generation pandemic is stretching national healthcare infrastructures to their limits. While viable vaccines for COVID-19 were delivered in record time, widespread vaccination lags far behind ambitious but inconsistent deployment plans. Here in the U.S., providers are facing unprecedented financial shortfalls that will take years to recover from. Technology, Big Data and new competition from retail providers all seem to clamor for healthcare leaders’ attention. And that’s just the beginning.

2021: Questions at Every Turn

  • How long until vaccines are widely distributed?
  • How many will take the vaccine?
  • How many will die before the pandemic subsides?
  • What will be the financial impact on consumers in 2021?
  • Will consumers return to old patterns of behavior?
  • Will our doctors and nurses be able to handle the on-going stress?
  • How will provision of care change over next 12 months?
  • Will healthcare facilities shut down due to financial distress?

While the phrase “the New Normal” is often used to refer to conditions once we get past the pandemic’s many challenges, we believe that healthcare is ideally positioned to play a role in establishing our “Next Normal.” Over the next several weeks, we’ll examine some of the key trends introduced in January’s special webinar Top Ten Trends: How Healthcare Moves Forward in 2021. Along with sharing insights from healthcare thought leaders, we’ll discuss HealthStream solutions that can help your organization find opportunities for resilience beyond the headlines.

Until then, you can replay the presentation itself, download the 51-slide presentation, and access past years’ Top Ten Trends resources here.