Five Webinars Focused on Clinical Development Best Practices

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Solving big problems in healthcare is part of HealthStream’s DNA and a principle that we’ve enshrined in our corporate constitution. Below you’ll find links to multiple recorded Webinars about clinical development challenges common to healthcare organizations.

Achieving ANCC Accreditation for Your Nurse Residency Program: The What, Why & How

During this webinar, ANCC’s Practice Transition Accreditation Program Director, Sheri Cosme, will provide insight on the what, why, and how of accreditation, while nurse leaders from CHRISTUS Southeast Texas - St. Elizabeth reveal how they achieved ANCC accreditation after completing their first cohort, using HealthStream's Nurse Residency Pathway.

How to Banish the Bully Who Wreaks Havoc in Healthcare

When rudeness, incivility, and bullying behavior occurs on a healthcare team, the consequences can be deadly. This destructive conduct adds to medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, higher employee turnover, stress, burnout, and higher healthcare costs for consumers. Civility training in healthcare settings has the potential to improve patient care, strengthen team relationships, and create an atmosphere that energizes and inspires those who are in it. Join us and find out how your organization can tackle bullying in 2018.

Confidence in the Clinical Competency of Your Staff

This webinar introduced HealthStream's Nurse Residency Pathway, a structured yet flexible data-driven program that provides insight on how organizations can improve confidence and competence of new graduate nurses and reduce RN turnover. 

Terrifying Tales of Healthcare Hiring & Onboarding: Avoiding the Agony of Defeat

If you're involved in healthcare hiring or onboarding, you probably have your own harrowing stories to tell. But how do you ensure history doesn't repeat itself? In this webinar, our experts will share real-life stories of hiring & onboarding blunders and provide practical solutions to ensure your next story has a happier ending. 

Transformative Leadership: Transformation From the Inside Out

The best healthcare organizations are the ones where leadership is valued and trained for. Leaders are energized not just by the goals of the team or organization but by transforming and leading individuals to be leaders themselves. In this webinar, learn how your facility can begin to implement a standard of leadership into the culture.