Healthcare Regulatory Training Requirements Never Stop Changing!

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Meeting regulatory requirements for mandatory annual education doesn’t have to be a headache, even when requirements keep changing. In the HealthStream article, “Navigate the Healthcare Regulatory Training Maze - Finding the Right Path through Regulatory Requirements Is Easy with a Good Compass,” we discuss a better way to approach to defining requirements and planning annual regulatory training.

Requirements change and multiply relentlessly.

The need is obvious. Even with dedicated staff, navigating a landscape populated by nearly 23,000 federal and state requirements spread out across multiple websites is complicated. Interpreting those regulations adds another layer of complexity. Finding or building training content to satisfy the requirements becomes yet another chore. And the entire cycle must be repeated frequently because the regulations are updated and new regulations are added all the time.

Suffice it to say, keeping on top of training requirements, privileging and licensure renewal, and other mandated elements of healthcare compliance is no small job. The smallest of facilities usually are forced to invest in multiple staffers charged with these functions, and even with that full-time attention (and the related expense), errors can creep through. That affects not only reimbursement levels, but also individual and organizational risk. Staff burnout is also a very real risk, as the job can be tedious and is truly never-ending.

As it examines how healthcare organizations can change the nature of their education planning and management process, this article also covers:

  • Endless, Complicated, and Headache-Inducing
  • Historic Recurring Training May No Longer Be Valid
  • HealthStream Compass does the work of compiling training requirements for you.
  • Why everyone should align business needs with regulatory compliance.

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