How Results Physiotherapy Saved Time Spent on Provider Credentialing

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Background -- Multi-Clinic Physical Therapy Provider is Growing Rapidly

Founded in 1996, Results Physiotherapy is privately held and offers world-class physical therapy, a groundbreaking advance over exercise-only treatments. With 48 clinics located in six states, Results Physiotherapy provides the latest physical therapy treatments, uses the newest, evidence-based techniques, and educates its therapists to the highest international standards. Through its partnership with Sy.Med, Results Physiotherapy is using the OneApp credentialing application to streamline and standardize credentialing and onboarding processes.

Challenge -- Infrastructure Could Not Keep Up with Credentialing Needs

Following two years of phenomenal success, Results Physiotherapy reached a tipping point where its current infrastructure could no longer manage significant growth. Nowhere was this more evident than in the onboarding process for physical therapists. Bottlenecks were occurring in the credentialing department as staff struggled to complete credentialing applications in a timely fashion, onboard new employees, and redeploy current physical therapists to different states. Lack of automation was a significant problem. Outdated administrative processes,
including the use of paper files, created confusion about the status of onboarding physical therapists and their credentialing requirements. In essence, tracking physical therapists and payers had become a cumbersome and lengthy process.


The company needed a new approach to credentialing, and fast, so that leaders could be confident they were accurately meeting the needs of payers and patients. While Results Physiotherapy had installed OneApp, an advanced credentialing software, employees were not taking advantage of all of the technology’s capabilities, including a powerful application that handles data management, enrollment, tracking, privileging and credentialing.

Solution -- Automation Allows Time Savings and Faster Payer Transactions

Results Physiotherapy overhauled its credentialing department, automating all processes and training staff to fully use the credentialing application OneApp. Today, the software is used to onboard and track clinicians while maintaining their credentialing profiles. All employee information lives in one database that is continually updated. In addition to credentialing, the software tracks other processes, such as appointments and re-enrollment, and it is fully customizable. Results Physiotherapy has consolidated many credentialing functions to effectively manage the steady flow of new and transferring clinicians. With OneApp, it
takes just 30 minutes to credential one physical therapist vs. 1 ½ to 2 hours when done by paper. In the future, company leaders plan to do even more with the software such as use its extensive reporting features. 

According to Results Physiotherapy, "With OneApp, it takes just 30 minutes to credential one physical therapist vs. 1 ½ to 2 hours when done by paper."

As a result of the reorganization, there has been marked improvement in workflow and trafficking in the credentialing department. Furthermore, as the credentialing process has become more consistent, payer relationships are improving, and the organization is able to open clinics and recoup fees at a faster rate. It’s no surprise this has led to a stronger
bottom line. Equally important, however, is having the security and the knowledge that physical therapy services are being provided by credentialed and appropriately vetted clinicians.

Impact -- Better Financial Outcomes

By Using Sy.Med's OneApp, Results Physiotherapy:

  • Adopted a state-of-the-art credentialing system
  • Increased efficiency for onboarding its growing roster of physical therapists
  • Reduce credentialing time for new physical therapists and clinicians transferring to other states by 75 percent within one year of fully deploying the methodology
  • Facilitated treating higher numbers of patients from a broader spectrum of clinicians and payers, while reducing out-of-network losses

"Sy.Med drives us to the best solution when it comes to credentialing, by helping our staff navigate multiple complicated payer systems and get solutions quicker than ever." -- David Bromfield, Vice President of Operations, Results Physiotherapy