How to Navigate the Healthcare Regulatory Training Maze – Article

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Though making sure your providers are receiving every bit of the learning they need can seem impossible to address in in its entirety, meeting regulatory requirements for mandatory annual education doesn’t have to be a headache. In the HealthStream article, “Navigate the Healthcare Regulatory Training Maze - Finding the Right Path Through Regulatory Requirements Is Easy With A Good Compass,” we discuss a better way to approach to understanding and planning annual regulatory training.

Endless, Complicated, and Headache-Inducing

That could sum up the world of state and federal healthcare training and compliance requirements. It’s also an apt description of planning meetings focused on how to address and comply with those ever-changing and expanding standards.

Anyone who’s ever attended such a gathering knows full well how maddening that hour or two (or three) can be. They often are a dizzying blur of last year’s requirements, stories of care failures at other facilities, and usually a few off-the-cuff solutions in search of a problem. There are competing agendas. And more often than not, much of the information presented is duplicative, outdated, or unworkable for a variety of reasons.

Historic Recurring Training May No Longer Be Valid

“You’ll see a set of tasks based on historic, recurring training that may no longer be valid,” says Jenny Hamrick, product manager for Compass, a user-friendly, searchable database of regulatory requirements. Compass is a new Healthstream product that guides healthcare organizations to a more rapid, and successful, completion of all relevant federal and state training regulatory requirements.

Compass is available exclusively with hStream, HealthStream’s essential technology designed to make managing and developing your workforce easier. Subscribers are able to connect, manage, engage, and develop their employees through a centralized, continually expanding content library. In addition to the support they receive for ongoing operations, subscribers also benefit from discounted pricing, as well as HealthStream’s robust safety and security infrastructure.

As it examines how healthcare organizations can change the nature of their education planning and management process, this article covers:

  • Requirements change and multiply relentlessly.
  • HealthStream Compass does the work of compiling training requirements for you.
  • Why everyone should align business needs with regulatory compliance.


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