Individualized Learning Benefits the Employee and the Healthcare Organization

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Individualizing training to each healthcare learner’s needs is where performance-guided learning has such appeal. By assessing an employee’s performance and then connecting it with how he or she learns and develops, an entirely new approach can be formed. Rather than everyone beginning at a basic level, skills can be taken into account so that each learner gets what he or she needs and then moves ahead. Feedback is frequent and actionable.

Not Everyone Needs the Beginner-Level Class

For instance, those who have demonstrated strong capabilities around patient falls in the past, everything from a spotless personal record to suggesting or implementing innovations that have helped improve safety, shouldn’t be sitting in a “Patient Falls 101” class. Those employees should be recognized and then turned into educational ambassadors focused on helping everyone make it to the final goal.

Learning Connected to Performance and Recognition

That’s what performance-guided learning is all about. By utilizing an employee-recognition solution and tying that into enterprise-wide learning and performance tools, learning becomes a much more customized and integrated process. Those who excel are seen as coworkers whose skills are to be emulated. Those who need help receive it in a nonjudgmental, and effective, manner. And thus, rather than being seen as an interruption, continuing education is an essential part of every day.

Feedback That Enhances Learning and Engagement

Employees who value something are eager to not just take part in it, but also to master its requirements. A continual feedback loop that showcases performance excellence while also creating opportunities for non-punitive remedial education and training has great value. The end result will not just be achieving a systemwide goal, but also a workplace where education is fully utilized. That results in the twin goals of higher employee satisfaction and retention, along with improved patient outcomes and better operational efficiency.

The Goal Is to Help Employees Reach Their Full Potential

“Performance-guided learning lets employees, and their employer, achieve full potential,” says Gregg Loughman, Vice President and General Manager of People and Growth Solutions at HealthStream. “It’s a learning pathway that triggers coaching, mentoring, further achievement, and recognition. When you connect behavior and performance, and use that to drive learning, then you can achieve great things in healthcare employee education. You have connected the dots between performance data and tangible, effective learning pathways.”

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