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Introducing Workforce Validate – Work Smarter, Not Harder

April 3, 2023
April 3, 2023

This blog is taken from a recent HealthStream webinar entitled “Introducing Workforce Validate.” The webinar was moderated by HealthStream’s Rochelle Celik and featured Kian Kagan, HealthStream’s Regional Manager for Workforce Validate and Caroline Shirley, HealthStream’s Product Manager for Workforce Validate.

During the webinar, participants learned more about HealthStream’s free tool for automated license verification - Workforce Validate.


Workforce Validate Overview

Shirley began with an overview of Workforce Validate. hStream, HealthStream’s operating platform, enables HealthStream to develop applications that run on the operating platform. That ability has paid dividends to HealthStream clients and Workforce Validate is one of them. Existing hStream subscribers are able to use the Workforce Validate License product at no cost.

Shirley described Workforce Validate as an “automated, primary source verification tool for clinical staff. It includes automated verification of licenses and certifications, as well as exclusion monitoring.”  Exclusion monitoring tracks multiple federal and state exclusion lists, including exclusions identified by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the System for Award Management (SAM).

Even though employee license, certification and exclusion data are constantly changing, users can feel confident when using Workforce Validate as it provides continuous monitoring for users. While the product is relatively new, HealthStream has been doing license verifications for 20 years and completes 100 million verifications annually. As licenses and certifications near their expirations, providers and their employers will receive an email notification letting them know that they need to renew that license or certification.

Shirley also shared that Workforce Validate customers receive ongoing client support from HealthStream. In addition, there is an expedited implementation process to help organizations quickly and efficiently implement the program – in some cases in as little as one day.


Workforce Validate – A Smart, Intuitive Solution for Workforce Compliance

Next, Kagan demonstrated the key features and functions of Workforce Validate starting with the dashboard. The landing page has a navigation pane which features an administration tab. From there, users are able to organize their workforce based on location, facility, clinic, service, etc. This feature also allows customers to assign specific users as administrators for the entire organization or a single facility. It is also easy to verify results and easily satisfy audit requirements with reporting that provides the source of verification information along with the date and the time that information was received.  Additionally, Workforce Validate can support pre-hires. As applicants are applying for jobs, their information can be added to a separate file and continuously monitored until a hiring decision has been made.

The dashboard also includes interactive widgets that help users quickly navigate to the information that they need:


  • The first is for the total workforce. This widget will show everyone that is currently active in Workforce Validate and their verifications.
  • In addition, there are two widgets related to license and certification monitoring and notifications. Both include standard reporting features that display valid individuals, those with expiring records, and any records that need attention.
  • Another widget builds a report that will help users identify every record that has been flagged making it easy to prioritize those flagged records that need attention.
  • The home page also includes graphics that report exclusion monitoring data from state and federal sites, including OIG and SAM for the entire workforce, including vendors and contractors. The report includes sanctions, suspensions, and revocations.


Workforce Validate and Reporting

Workforce Validate includes standard reports as well as easy-to-use customized reporting. There is a high-level weekly summary that goes out every Monday morning. It can go out to every administrator that has opted in to receive the report and users can also add the emails of additional leaders that may need the information. The email includes all licenses and certifications expiring in the next 45 days as well as any new flags indicating a sanction or exclusion. Emails regarding expiring licenses and certifications are also sent to the employee. Workforce Validate in-app reporting is also highly customizable, as you can generate a report from every page, drilling down to only the data you need.


Workforce Validate Integration

HealthStream subscribers will be familiar with the My Team Dashboard which allows managers to manage upcoming education compliance requirements. It shows them licenses and expiring within 30, 60 and 90 days. It also allows managers to send messages to those employees or groups of employees to ensure that they are aware of pending expiry dates. Verified license data from Workforce Validate will now appear in My Team making this a great tool for managers as well.