Situations Where Using AI for Nurse Training Would Be Useful

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

There are some specific scenarios where using an AI-based nurse training and assessment system like Jane could be a very effective addition to healthcare organization operations. They include:

  • Targeted orientation for new hires

    Providing an appropriate orientation based on assessment outcomes that includes a thorough understanding of job responsibilities may help a new employee be “able to significantly contribute 25 days earlier than otherwise” (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2015). Even so, many healthcare organizations fail to engage employees from the beginning of employment, risking disengagement and negative workplace habits.

  • Preparation for an internal organizational move from one department to another

    An employment move within an organization often requires a more limited amount of orientation training. Typically, many of the tools related to a clinical job and the policies and processes relevant to working within the organization will not change. However, competency assessment and training may be necessary for those switching to a new clinical specialty, where different kinds of patients, treatments, and healthcare situations are involved.

  • On-going maintenance of competency

Healthcare organizations need to be certain staff members are competent and able to provide high quality care. Regular assessments are one way to ensure whether employees are qualified or need training to become so. One study reveals that “Without a program of active learning no health care professional can hope to remain competent for more than a few years after graduation, which increases the pressure of nursing professionals to engage in continuous training and education” (Ma, F. et al, 2018).

This blog post continues the series excerpting the HealthStream article, Using AI to Assess and Build Competency in New and Existing Clinicians. The article also includes:

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Access the full article here.