Support Healthcare Compliance with Targeted Training: Articles

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Compliance issues abound across the healthcare industry, from the need to safeguard patient information from phishing and maintaining privacy to being prepared for emergencies and avoiding unnecessary conflicts of interest. Below we’ve collected recent HealthStream articles with one common theme—the vital role that training can play in supporting successful compliance programs.

Data Defenders: Creating a Risk-Aware Culture

Healthcare continues to come under attack by cyber-criminals. Often, their first target is employees, as they offer the most direct path to sensitive data and resulting compliance headaches. Download this article and learn how to train your staff to become a security asset, not a security liability.

Conflicts of Interest: Reducing Risk in the Age of Full Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest (COI) exist when a person could derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in his or her official capacity. Download this article to discover how a COI scandal damaged the reputation of a leading medical journal and a once-highly admired pharmaceutical company, costing the company over $5 billion in settlements.

Is Your Organization Compliant with the New CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule?

The 2016 CMS Emergency Preparedness rule establishes new national requirements for Medicare and Medicaid participating providers and suppliers to ensure those facilities are able to adequately plan for and respond to both natural and man-made disasters. Medicare-certified healthcare providers and suppliers were required to comply and implement all regulations by November 16, 2017. Download this resource to learn about the new rules and to see if your organization is compliance according to the new standards.

Responsible Use of Social Media in Heathcare

The days when social media was viewed as a fun communications platform for the younger generations are definitely over. Today, social media has become the number one way to connect and socialize with one another in work and everyday life. When used correctly it is an excellent tool, but when used incorrectly it has its risks, especially in the healthcare industry. Download this article to learn tips, tricks and best practices for using social media in the healthcare industry.