Survey Results about COI Management in Healthcare: Part 1

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

While healthcare organizations largely are committed to complying with COI Management rules, there is a breadth of how they go about it. To evaluate how healthcare organizations are managing their efforts to reduce COIs, HCCS—A HealthStream Company surveyed 281 U.S. healthcare compliance leaders about their compliance programs, to discover how COIs are being monitored, identify common deficits among them, and uncover potential enhancements. This blog post, the second in a series, excerpts our article, “Ten Conclusions about Conflict Of Interest (COI) Management in Healthcare,” based on those survey results.

  1. Organizational Commitment to COI Management

    An overwhelming majority of healthcare organizations are committed to healthcare COI management and have a process in place. 84.5% of the healthcare organizations surveyed reported they have an active COI management program. Only 7.6% do not have a process, with a similar number that is unaware of where they stand on this function. Over 90% reported that formal COI policies exist for their organizations.

  2. Who Leads COI Programs?

    Most healthcare COI programs are led by the compliance department. By and large, healthcare COI management is led by organizations’ compliance department, though it is not a significant portion of their jobs. In a few cases, other departments manage COIs, including legal and human resources.

  3. Tracking Systems for COI
  4. Between paper, spreadsheets, and online options, there is not a dominant system choice for COI management. 25.5% of respondents use paper forms for COI tracking, and 18.8% use a cloud-based solution. 29.8% employ a combination of the two. Resource and cost constraints are offered by 40.3% as a reason they are using specific management methods.

    Other conclusions drawn in this study concern:

    • COI data collection methods
    • How often to collect COI data
    • What employees are subject to COI management
    • COI disclosure reviews
    • Leadership and COI
    • Improving COI management
    • CMS Open Payments Database


    Download the full article here.