Using a Single Source to Identify All Your Healthcare Regulatory Training Requirements

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Making sure your mandatory annual healthcare training meets all regulatory requirements is not as impossible as it seems, even when different requirements are buried in multiple sources and overlapping regulatory agencies. In the HealthStream article, “Navigate the Healthcare Regulatory Training Maze - Finding the Right Path through Regulatory Requirements Is Easy with a Good Compass,” we discuss a better way to approach to establishing a comprehensive view of all your requirements and using it for planning annual regulatory training.

Let Compass do the work for you!

Compass tackles the multi-tiered problem of compliance by providing its users with guidance to state and federal requirements and regulations in real time. No more prowling through multiple sections of the Federal Register followed by a dizzying review of different state websites just to see what’s needed now. And, no more fruitless searches are necessary to try to find out what changes are coming.

In its first phase, Compass is untangling the knot of federal and state training regulations, says Ben Diamond, Vice President of Compliance Solutions for HealthStream. “Compass is launching with the federal training regulations for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia,” Diamond says. “This will immediately allow subscribers to identify risk areas, including gaps in their required training.” Once users have identified their training needs in Compass, they will be able to export and save them.

Download All Your Healthcare Regulatory Training Requirements and Match Them to Training

Lists of training regulations and other requirements can be easily downloaded in Excel or PDF and shared with others in your organization. Compass also enables a search of the HealthStream course catalog to find matching training courses. That means after a search, all the regulations that fit a particular state are at the user’s fingertips to share with other users—completely transforming the way compliance regulations are communicated.

“They can go into that annual training committee meeting with results that they can share, or email out ahead of time,” Hamrick says. “That removes the guesswork and makes those sessions more efficient and targeted.”

As it examines how healthcare organizations can change the nature of their education planning and management process, this article also covers:

  • Endless, Complicated, and Headache-Inducing
  • Historic Recurring Training May No Longer Be Valid
  • Requirements change and multiply relentlessly.
  • Why everyone should align business needs with regulatory compliance.


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