Five Most Popular Healthcare Talent Management Blog Posts Published in 2018

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

To wrap up 2018, we did some research about our most popular blog posts for the year. Of all published in 2018, these are the five most popular in the area of healthcare talent management.

Healthcare Workforce Trends: Millennials Are Changing and Improving Healthcare

We are also approaching a situation where millennials will make up the largest percentage of the healthcare workforce, bringing a new focus to the future of care. Here are two specific trends involving the growing millennial healthcare workforce and how our industry will benefit as it adapts to them.

Organizational Goal Setting in Healthcare: Best Practices

Goal setting is one of the most important activities for an organization. A culture that ensures all employees understand their roles, expectations, and why they are critical to organization success often find themselves well prepared to handle the many challenges we find in healthcare today. Here are some best practices to help achieve success.

Use Employee Goal Setting and Performance Management in Your Efforts to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Performance Management and Goal Setting require the commitment of leadership to ongoing employee development, goal setting, and regular feedback. Trends across the nation reflect that performance management is no longer an annual activity, but one that is ongoing through regular communication and feedback sessions. Research says that 80% of millennials say they prefer ongoing feedback instead of a formal one time per year approach. A critical element of your overall Talent Management strategy, Performance management ensures that the right people at the right levels are equipped to achieve optimal performance outcomes. HealthStream has assembled the eBook linked to this post to help readers explore and understand the value that human resources organizations and processes can bring to any improvement initiatives.

From Compensation to Retention: Five Articles about Talent Management in Healthcare

HealthStream believes that the people who work in healthcare are key to improving outcomes. Because every patient deserves the best care, that can only come from the best developed workforce. More than 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care use our platform to manage talent—improving their people in order to provide the best care to millions. This post collected five articles that represent some thought leadership about healthcare talent management.

Best Practices for Combating Physician Burnout

We recently spoke to Dike Drummond MD, Physician Coach, Healthcare Speaker, and CEO, TheHappyMD.com, about physician burnout and what organizations can do about it. Dr. Drummond tells us, “If your organization were able to lower physician burnout rates, you could reasonably expect to see improvements in patient satisfaction, quality, safety, morale, and decreases in errors, malpractice cases, and turnover.” Here is a four part program he has established in several client organizations with promising results. When fully implemented, he shares, “These four steps will prevent burnout, normalize the discussion around stress and burnout, and build a culture of engagement and support across the physicians and staff.”