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Not the Same Old Shift: Solving healthcare staffing needs with Workday and ShiftWizard

February 22, 2023
February 22, 2023

This blog is taken from a recent HealthStream webinar entitled “Not the Same Old Shift: Solving Healthcare Staffing Needs with Workday and ShiftWizard.” The webinar featured presenters Keith Lohkamp, Senior Director, Industry Strategy, Workday and Terri Epler, MSN, RN, Solution Consultant Manager, HealthStream. 

Healthcare leaders typically need to check multiple sources to find the kind of accurate employee information that will allow them to adequately cover the needs of every shift. Those cumbersome processes are no longer necessary, thanks to new tools that put all the information in one place. HealthStream, Workday, and ShiftWizard have partnered to provide a tool to help managers make informed staffing decisions while making partners out of their staff.


About Workday

Lohkamp began with an overview of Workday, which was founded in 2005 and now has more than 9,500 customers, including 350 healthcare organizations. Workday has focused on creating happy customers by providing tools that create happy employees. That can be particularly challenging for its healthcare customers. “We have seen that prolonged staffing shortages are driving up the cost of healthcare overall while also impacting the ability to maintain high levels of service,” said Lohkamp. In addition, he cited research that showed that 64% of healthcare organizations cite higher-than-average turnover. Healthcare leaders need a smart solution to ensure they have the right staff with the proper credentials in the right location at the right time.

“The first step in reducing turnover is to begin reducing friction in the employee experience,” said Lohkamp. While that begins with the onboarding process, it also extends to the day-to-day activities such as scheduling, reporting time, and payroll activities. Flexibility is high on most employee agendas. “Workday delivers that with self-service capabilities that give employees a role in scheduling. In addition, Workday’s partnership with ShiftWizard has helped improve the overall experience for healthcare staff by simplifying scheduling and time-tracking activities,” said Lohkamp.


Workday and ShiftWizard

“Workday and ShiftWizard can help healthcare leaders to manage payroll, improve communication, and increase employee satisfaction,” said Epler. ShiftWizard was founded by two Emergency Department nurses to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations and can accommodate RN scheduling and other disciplines found in healthcare organizations.

Solving healthcare’s staffing dilemma begins with a user-friendly dashboard. Because of the integration between Workday and ShiftWizard, managers can see not just the staffing information for a particular day, but the demographic information for each employee as well, including titles, FTE status, and seniority.

This solution can also help to reduce payroll errors. Integrating Workday and ShiftWizard makes it easy to map employees and their shifts to the proper pay code so that premium and incentive shifts can be mapped to the payroll system, reducing errors and reducing the kind of friction employees experience when there is a payroll error.


ShiftWizard and Workday – A Smart and Efficient Solution for Leaders

Many other tasks are made more efficient with ShiftWizard’s action buttons. The buttons allow users to easily add or remove employees from a shift or reallocate employees to different shifts. The schedule for any and all departments can be managed through ShiftWizard, allowing users to easily visualize the organization’s productivity metrics. Users can build a staffing matrix that will show them how close they currently are to the goal for that shift. In addition, ShiftWizard can be integrated with the organization’s electronic medical record so that staffing can be based on regularly updated census data.

ShiftWizard also makes it possible for leaders to quickly determine whether or not coverage needs have been met. Shifts, where coverage needs have not been met, appear in red, while those that have adequate coverage will appear in green. In the increasingly unlikely event that a shift is overstaffed, it will appear in purple.


Actionable Reporting – Removing the Guesswork from Staffing

The integration between ShiftWizard and Workday results in actionable reporting capabilities for users. ShiftWizard’s dashboard information can be filtered and viewed based on the data from Workday. In addition to demographics such as title and FTE status, there is much more granular reporting that will allow users to see specific certifications and permissions. In addition, these categories are fully customizable so that they can meet the particular needs of your organization. For example, categories can be configured to reflect full and part-time status as well as agency status or union affiliation.

Employees can also be filtered by seniority date or rank giving managers the opportunity to ensure a broad range of experience levels on shifts. In addition, the report can be filtered to show the actual number of hours worked in a specific setting so that seniority levels on a shift are not negatively impacted when new nurses or nurses transferring from another department or discipline are added to a specific shift. ShiftWizard also ensures that employees have the necessary permissions to work on a particular unit or department.

The dashboard can also be customized to take a granular look at the department level, or it may be customized to show the entire facility or each facility within a healthcare system. It can also be configured to display all similar departments within an organization, such as all emergency departments or all intensive care units.

A messaging center allows leaders to message all or a subset of the entire staff. This communication feature allows the user to send an email, voice call, text message, or all three. Notifications about new policies and procedures can be sent with a requirement that the employee provides an electronic signature that the new policy has been received and read before they can access their schedules or other features. The communication feature also allows employees to swap shifts with others and participate in a self-scheduling option.

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