Where to Focus on Improving Your Nursing Clinical Development Framework: Interactive Infographic

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Healthcare organizations face multiple challenges in helping their nurses be effective, achieve career satisfaction, develop their skills, and enjoy the confidence required for true nursing mastery. As a means for exploring and identifying opportunities to make nursing more rewarding, HealthStream is proud to launch our interactive infographic, Your Journey to Clinical Excellence, to help nurse leaders consider the framework of the nursing journey and how they are fostering excellence in their nursing staff.

Envisioning nursing as a building with multiple floors, the infographic uses the journey of a new nurse, James, as he navigates his path to professional nursing practice. This scenario enables viewers to learn about solutions to common structural and developmental problems in the nursing profession and offers tools to help facilitate progress for this most essential part of the healthcare workforce. Here are some of the stages this infographic encourages you to visit:

Onboarding and Retention

In order to keep new nurses from becoming part of the 17% who will leave their jobs within the first year, HealthStream recommends a nurse residency program that uses data to manage and improve the experience during this crucial initial period. Clinical orientation courseware is also a big boost for nurses moving to different areas.

Competency Measurement and Validation

The comprehensive HealthStream Assess solution, powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to measure a clinician’s ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge, skills, behavior, and judgment through the use of valid and reliable assessments. Complementing this important function is Skills Validation, empowering nurse managers to standardize and document validation of technical skills organization-wide from one central location with our easy-to-use, mobile checklist tool.

Training Focused on Improving Outcomes

Education focused on improving care is an essential component of increasing care quality. Our Obstetric (OB) and Emergency Care (EC) Risk are data-driven programs that include competency-based modules related to high-risk patient safety issues. HealthStream also offers 12 highly-interactive courses that support Value-Based Outcomes from CMS and Core Measures from The Joint Commission. Our time- and resource-saving medical product training solution allows organizations to track and report on product training with engaging and interactive courses provided by leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Evidence-Based and Lifelong Learning Options

Empower staff with unlimited access to over 1,800 continuing education courses and 42 specialty certification preparation programs. Enable clinicians to master nursing best practices, with access to more than 1,600 evidence-based skills across 50+ nursing specialties. Skills can easily be assigned and tracked across your organization, while each critical step is validated and documented on any mobile device. Make sure nurses are never in the dark with 24/7 access to the latest, evidence-based decision support information for your clinical staff at the point of care, with over 17,000 entries and patient teaching handouts that cover diseases, drug information, nursing care plans, core measures, and more.

Leadership Development

It’s estimated that we’ll lose 75% of our current nurse leaders in just the next few years. That’s why it pays to start developing new nursing leadership. Providing a unique set of tools, including a behavioral assessment to facilitate matchmaking, the Preceptor Development Pathway program fully develops preceptors who can effectively guide preceptees through their transition experiences. Partnering with top nursing associations, HealthStream offers evidence-based, clinical leadership development courses. We also provide a curated library of over 140 courses aligned to essential leadership and professional development competencies.

Workforce Analysis

Analyze the profile of your nursing workforce, while creating unique and meaningful engagement opportunities, with a strong data visualization and reporting dashboard, which goes hand-in-hand with our ePortfolio tool. Use the data to support clinical ladder initiatives, identify future leaders, and inform recognition opportunities. This can be especially for strong nurse workforce programs like Magnet designation.

This is just a sampling of your options for improving nursing workforce development. Use the infographic to re-envision your nursing framework here.

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